Captain Calamity has released a wonderful Picture Book for 3 years +.


Captain Calamity and the Giant

Can Captain Calamity save Chocolate Button Bay from a Giant catastrophe or will his Story Land town be washed away forever?


Join the Captain and a host of wonderful characters in this lovely rhyming adventure story, perfect for bed time reading.

Includes Bonus Story:-


The Blur Monster


Living alone on a rock in Space; the Blur Monster has lots of time to think about strange places where people live and what it must be like to have two eyes instead of three and skin instead of fur.

£10 (FREE POSTAGE UK Mainland (International orders please email)







Captain Calamity and the Weatherman


Captain Calamity and his Crew try to stop the mischievous Weatherman from changing Chocolate Button Bay into a grey and rainy land. Can they do it?

£10 (FREE POSTAGE UK Mainland (International orders please email)







I Think My Mum's An Alien


Meet a wonderfully eccentric family through the eyes of a young man with an extraordinary imagination.

£10 (FREE POSTAGE UK Mainland (International orders please email)

Captain Calamity's Big Book of Bugs is a brand new take on the classic 'Magic Colouring Book'.



First you have black and white bug pictures.


Next; you and the audience attempt to colour in the pictures with disastrous results as everything is covered in paint splatters.


Then you wave your magic fly swatter and say the magic words. This results is all the bugs appearing in bright cartoon colours.


Finally their is one more element that makes this beautiful bug book unique. You flick through the book and ask your young helper to tell you when to stop. You open the page without looking and will instantly know what bug they have chosen.


You then have the option of presenting a pre-made balloon of the bug they have chosen, giving your assistant a 'colour in sheet' of the selected bug or providing them with a written prediction... In fact the options are endless.


With Captain Calamity's amazing adaptation of this brilliant kids magic prop, the fact that all kids love bugs and Scott Evans amazing cartoon character designs; you really can't go wrong.


The graphics are bright and cartoony. I haven't seen this quality in a product of this nature in the market before.



£35 (FREE POSTAGE UK Mainland (International orders please email)

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Here is an example of some of the pages:-

BUBBLE SWORD - Just like the ones I use in my parties and shows! Now you and your kids can make giant bubbles too!



Small Bubble Sword
£12 (FREE POSTAGE UK Mainland (International orders please email)



Large Bubble Sword
£15 (FREE POSTAGE UK Mainland (International orders please email)




Digital Download OUT NOW! (CD version coming soon)


A stupendous selection of silly songs and stonking stories. Perfect to engage the kids on car journeys or as a bedtime treat.


Stories by Dov Citron aka Captain Calamity. Song lyrics by Natalie Jordan. Sung by Captain Calamity and the Lollipop Lighthouse Crew.


Captain Calamity is also available to visit your School and run a fantastic Story Telling Workshop with his great new books. Phone or E-mail for more details.

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